Monday, September 16, 2013

The Navy Yard Shootings And Electronic Mind Control

     There is a show going on in the nations capital, Washington DC, as this is being written.  It follows almost exactly the script laid down by Operation Northwoods, which was never signed into law when presented to John Kennedy when he was president, but none the less became popular as mind control distraction during the lawless and unAmerican Jorge Duhhhhhhh-bya Bush Administration.  Operation Northwoods, or something a lot like it, is now being used with greater and greater frequency whenever government wants to twist the minds of the people away from its lying predation.

     Operation Northwoods is actually just violently created press fodder, by which the media, the most entrenched form of electronic mind control in America, is allowed to misinform, disinform, and lie outright with impunity, and zero accountability.  The facts are constantly altered in an attempt to confuse the viewers or listeners,  as the zionist media reports their "News" during these episodes of government sponsored terror.  Perhaps the reader can recall the sniper attacks after 911, during the Jorge Duhhhhhhh-bya Bush administration, and the disinfo + misinfo propagated by the zionists in order to draw attention away from 911 and Jorges war mongering for Israel.  This all got swept under the rug because it did nothing but haze over an already foggy situation, the time period right after 911.  That was the intent, of course.

     Things are all coming together for the zionists here in Amerikkka, AND their enemies, people like me, and as the time draws near for a showdown, the activity reported by the zionist media becomes so slanted and cheesy that even the old people, who usually swallow it all without a qualm, are starting to balk, because they can see that there is something else operating in the background, something that desperately wants them to believe information which they are having a hard time matching up with what their eyes see.

     There is, in fact, a covert civil war going on here now, and it has been going thud a gallop since the ENMOD machine was installed across the world during the administration of Jorge Duhhhhh-bya Bush and his crime family.  It is now possible to attack specific areas with hurricanes, torrential rains, drought, and even tornadoes, all with a much coveted deniability.   The cat is out of the bag though and this has the zionist government rather freaking out, because none of their malarkey works without secrecy.  If they lose secrecy, they lose it all;  to keep that from happeneing they must resort to sniper shootings and fake war scenarios and the like to distract the people away from openly questioning these aerosol weapons in the sky, which constitutes the true electronic mind control in America now. 


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Active Auroral Warfare Plasmas As Facilitators Of Novel Classified Energy Forms For Use As Electronic Mind Control

     Active Auroral Plasmas are artifacts of aerosol technology which have been treated by the sun in varying degrees, as they themselves treat the ground below with altered solar power.  Alteration of the suns energy takes place by particulate matter becoming ionized in the air.  The sun is very powerful, more so by magnitude across vast expanses.  These two aspects of active auroral warfare plasma utilize the energy of the sun, and can be called vector#1 of any aerosol event.  Overall, the energy hitting the ground is altered by the airborn aerosol composition, usually radically, compared to "Natural" sunlight.  Easily observable.

     The aerosol operations are very expensive, and take a high degree of coordination worldwide.  The aerosol experimentation and implementation is total now, America being the last of the holdings, succumbing after 911, blinded by geegaws and the storytellers at the city gates.  Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada and America;  in that order...there are even rumors that South America is finally in the soup too, and that george bush sr is down there melting glaciers with aerosol Active Auroral heaters,  to get at the alluvial gold in the creek bed below.  That too is a story for another day and not a subject covered at this blog.  See my Treasure Hunting blog in the future.


     What began as remote covert experiments after the second world war became daily occurences in all the skies of the world after 911.  Big Big Money.  It is sold to the elite mainly as a security technology, and surveillance is one aspect of it, a main aspect, in this world of federal reserve total information awareness.  But actual Behavior/Behaviour Modification is part and parcel among the "Attributes" of this highly classified ENMOD military energy system, too.   The energies are large.   If you see fish bone looking, undulating type forms (Undulatus) these are classic indications of ENMOD operations, along with a host of other types of cloud forms that were not around 30 years ago.  My, how time flies.  There are myriad declassified patents concerning all of this too.  Start with the Patent on HAARP, Bernard Eastlund.  Do it sitting down.  Also look up the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter while you are researching.  Just to cover some more bases, Jorge duhhhh-bya Bush did legalize aerial spraying of drugs as crowd control during his time with the whip, too .

     When novel energy forms, like radiations (Ionizations), emanations (Tectonic) or vibrations (Ultrasound) are produced artificially, by the federal reserve military, the active auroral forms in the sky possess very special, Usable properties including reflection of energies over the horizon, massive electronic field production, and beam like properties, though there is much more.  There are experiments being done daily, which have been going on hot and heavy since 911: amplifications, eavesdropping extraordinaire,  IRRADIATION of the ground and its organisms....

     Like an ant under the magnifying glass, these are the days of your life....


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The overt aggression The United States is threatening Syria with is just the excuse the Israeli run government here will use to justify micronukes and biotech as terror against the American people.  The new world odor  severely needs to get America back in line, happily paying taxes and supporting without question the military industrial complex hi ho.  The Israeli run government of America desperately needs someone to blame the next wave of terror on, even though it has been shown pretty clearly the Israeli federal reserve government itself is doing the terror now, and has been since clinton, ala operation northwoods.  Its just that most Americans do not care because they are lazy as hell in their minds and so far most of the strife is in someone elses backyard, well hey idiots thats about to change. Wake up.  When the real terror starts, understand it is Israel, and their enablers the zionist christians, and of course nearly every politician in government from the city level up.  If you want to stop the terror you are going to have to destroy those groups out of hand, or America is dead....some of us have known about these lying scum for a long time, and have been fighting them for a long time, so its only news to people who have bought into zions media, really.  I am sure though that the american tv party will be led along to their deaths, finally, because its just been a matter of increment anyway.  A slow attack, way above their heads, take all their money first.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Performance Enhancement And Mind Control

By Bill Gallagher

     News is out that a better, ENHANCED telescope is replacing the original Hubble.   Sweet.

     It is enhancement of our observation capabilities, and only enhancement,  which has allowed us a modicum of breathing space along with a basic awareness of the cosmos, no mean feat, and its only just begun.    To the competent the cosmos are terrifying,  and as for performance enhancement to help us along during this survival project, we can only say: "Bring it on!"  When it comes to survival we want all the performance enhancement we can get, we want MAGIC even, and that is sensible and theres nothing wrong with it.  Technology is good.  Or so we judge in this instance.

       When it comes to things like sports, though (Which are not really serious undertakings I guess) performance enhancement is called cheating.  And yes, that is warped thinking.  Perhaps the population has been handled for generations through its schools and churches, and does not think for itself anymore.   These are frequent circumstances in the interminable human drama below, on the surface of the world. 

     The people who cry cheating over almost Anything are the British, they have their own definitions of what cheating means (They call getting behind a larger vehicle to take advantage of the air stream Cheating) and that is harmless enough except when they wish to enforce their perceptions and definitions on others with military force.  Which, historically, they have done a lot.   The British have not yet had a mass reassessment of their way of thinking this millenium.    Soon, hopefully.

     BTW & FYI much of the American government has become the British government,  or always has been,  and when you consider things like the Tavistock Institute, it seems that the Amerixan governments agenda through sports and all the rest is bringing Amerixa more toward British thinking whenever possible.  But the Tavistock Institute is a story for another day.  Suffice to say that the worlds ideas of cheating, what it is, are ideas implanted by handlers, and the real definition of cheating is totally nebulous, and circumstance driven.   Military special forces, black ops, use enhancement drugs all the time, they have the best shit, and they know how to use it.

I am sure there were cries of cheating in sports long before Richard Nixon, but it is he who comes to my mind when considering things like restrictions on enhancements in sports, and the genocidal drug war which was pretty much perfect because the surviving members of the group primarily targeted still do not understand it happened.  Oh yeah, and oh well.  Dick the trixster was only following orders afterall.  Its what he had been initially hired by the ex-CEO of CBS to do.   Dickster represented the pill pushers, the bankers, and the zionists, not necessarily in that order.  Richard Nixon will forever be known as a world class hardhead, and we are still recovering from his time with the whip.

     There are examples of performance enhancement all around us.  Apparently what is good for the athletes is not good for the mass.  There are coffees, aspirin, many different kinds of sugars in gargantuan amounts, 5 Hour Energy drinks and other monster concoctions of all types everywhere, some skirting the legal limits of substance abuse,  with instructions like DRINK AFTER LUNCH!   Indeed, there are some energy mixes which are to be used in conjunction with subsidiary energy cocktail named Bzzzzzz.   My observations of things like all these date way back into the days of my childhood, to heroes like Mighty Mouse, sniffing of those nice flowers, and flying off to make mousedom and the world a better place.  



     One physical enhancement drug that everyone has probably heard about is Viagra.  Reproduction.  Its enhanceable.  My my.  Now there are thousands of geezers all over the place with perpetual erections.  WTF and WHY?

     I use metal detectors to salvage metals of high value, and if the metal detector is not an electronic enhancement of me, I don't know what it is.  It works well, and I have grown into knowing interpretation of the electronic fields of metal detectors, because I have been experienced since the age of 10.  Its a hearing aid, allows you to hear the metal in the dirt.  Quite interesting, and I like it a lot.  I use as many tools of enhancement as I can get, and it has been a rule of my life.

     All the crap started by Nick Dixon with his drug war is just mind control, so that Dicks bosses could sell THEIR drugs, pills.  And lets face it, it was NIXON who started the drug war, by pretense of his horror over NFL drug use, so we should know that it is all askew and un-American, from the get go.   If media sports are going to deny enhancements, I say we watch astronauts in their robotic suits, and electronic environments, where enhancement reigns free.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frat Doggies, Industrial Espionage, & Privacy Theft

     One of the main purposes of surveillance is industrial espionage.  In fact, the surveillance police state as it stands today began as Industrial Espionage.  This is where the wienies who run the world, the fraternity rich boys, have turned business, America's much vaunted capitalism, into war, where all is fair, and the best doggy wins.  The hungriest doggy wins.

   This is not a real hunger though, this is a contrived hunger created in them by their frat doggy families, and their standing in society.  Yes, these hungry, brain-damaged frat doggies have made business, commerce, into war, and thats where the theft of information, industrial espionage, comes in.  And the surveillance police state, believe it or not.

     Theft of anything, information included, is illegal for most people, but not the elite deviant class, the frat dogs and they kiddies.  It is truth to say that one of the main reasons this elite allowed the internet to be born was because they knew  they would be able to steal a lot of innovation and invention from people whose good nature far outweighs their business sense.  Perhaps these "Uneducated" inventors and creative thinkers were never taught how business actually is in this zionist world of privilege and slave making debt schemes like the federal reserve.  Perhaps they never realized an education in the world of the zionist is a necessary thing today.  A lot of times inventors are actually rather meek people, content to do their work and have some fun along the way.  They become shakers and movers if their inventions are ever sold on a mass scale, but most small inventors have their works stolen from them, to be put into motion at a later date by some brain dead little frat doggy who is good at stealing, but not so good at thinking.  Praise the lord.


     One of the main subjects being taught at colleges today is called computer forensics.  This is to teach the frat doggy types how to "Harvest" data from the internet.  A nice way of saying how to "STEAL" from people on the internet.  It is hacking, made legal and acceptable.  All in the name of terror and law enforcement and the holy lord of ignorance.  This is so rich peoples kids can learn to steal original ideas and information from people who do not know enough to protect it.  The real thinkers, and writers, and inventors are never known anymore, its like that ugly foolish toad steven spielberg having to pay the real author of ET 6 million bux when he lost the lawsuit, and nobody ever heard about it.

     The government itself is highly vested in stealing information from the internet, it is what all their police do.  There are many thousands of police now who are paid big money to sit in front of computer screens daily and steal information, stealing your privacy.

Spooks: The Haunting Of America, Jim Hougan
The Underground Empire, James Mills
Fingerprints of The Gods, Graham Hancock
The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception, Leigh Lincoln Baigent
Holy Blood Holy Grail, Leigh Lincoln Baigent

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Money As Mind Control

     The bottom line of all illegal surveillance is control.  Anybody who thinks they don't have to worry about that is kidding themselves and they are being quite naive really.  The point of illegal surveillance is TARGETING, targeting of individuals and groups.  This insinuates attack and it is the reality of it too.  The first thing government wants to do to hurt someone making trouble is to control their income.  It is economic terrorism forever.  It is the American way.  The whole damned country ought to be able to glom that, I mean duhhhhh, if you are not being handled by your money situation, you are in a very rare group indeed.   That means you have even MORE to fear from the regime in power now, barry soetero and friends, but most independently wealthy people are loathe to see this until it is much too late, they are in denial badly.  The Seal Team 6 family members, left overs from the human sacrifice which took place after the so called bin Laden extermination, are just one case in point.  The expendable elite, oh yeahhhh, the most mind controlled of all, those with military reinforcement in their heads, are seeing it and they see it ain't pretty.  Not at all.  War within a war within a war...

     In this usurous land where money grows on trees as long as you are born into the right religion or ethnic group, commercialism is God, money is God, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.  Oh yeah all the holy rollers talk a good game but most are totally full of malarkey, so much so it runneth over into the world about them, like some kind of acrid yellow crystalline stink.  Yes, all you evangelical males worshipping a male, take your suppressed homosexuality, and your lords and kings, and fly thee to the moon with them!  Or at least away from America, because lords and kings ARE unAmerican.

     At least the attorneys are somewhat open about this religion, they are the acolytes of the federal reserve currency, the actual functionaries of it, and they like it.  They study long and hard for the opportunity to serve God money.  They usually make no bones about it. They understand what it would be like to be denied a livelihood in a plentiful land.  It would be a lot like hell.  It is a lot like hell.

     We have also begun to understand as a group the propensity for torture our leaders possess, said propensity made really public since duhhhh-bya was president, it has been bandied about in the press Every Day in word AND deed.  The NSA scumbags and all the other white-welfare make-work bitch boys of the new world odor LOVE torture, it is their secondary religion.  They use surveillance to torture subjects, in as many ways as possible, directed energy weaponry, gaslighting, street theatre, but most of all, economic denial.  Blacklist.  Nothing new, just techno, like everything else now days.

     Lets hope this backfires and devalues all their paper, as is happening now, so that a barter economy can be reborn, with cash as silver and gold.  I can feel it coming, can't you?  They leave no alternatives, and many people have sacrificed BIG towards that end.  The elite deviant class are one trick ponies and their subjugation of us down through time is truly the dull and banal drumbeat of history. The government employees inventing reasons to ride herd on us will undo themselves, God damned pigs, because when the light shines on two bit animals like that they shrivel and die, blackest secrecy is their life blood, and it is running into the gutter.  I love it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The NSA As Electronic Mind Control

Of all the different types of mind control, electronic mind control is the most insidious, and the most deniable.  It is, after all, invisible.  Most types of electronic mind control do not work as stand alone devices though, they must be used in conjunction with other aspects, more physical aspects, of the predatory arsenal which is the totality of mind control.  Aspects like biotech infections, or along with other types of electronic mind control.  Imagine satellites, active auroral weaponry, and full surveillance on someone with a weaponised biotechnological infection like anthrax or monkey pox.  There are many such infections, if you are curious enough to look them up.  And this is how the government creates nuts to go off in public so they can then pass more and more police state legislation.  They keep many people on the edge, all the time.  It keeps a lot of cops busy, believe that.  Study how many people work for the NSA, you will see how much make-work is happening, for real.  Just to criminalize your existence, to teach you that you owe someone something.

The entirety of mind control seems to be controlled at a single nexus, and that is fortuitous, if not propitious for we, the enemies of the zionist state, because then it is easier to see who is behind this stuff.  I think the NSA and their many many classified projects are the actual puppet masters of all the strife and hate here in America, and the Mormons are the NSA.  The Mormons, through their shills like karl rove, and the bush crime family, and their ties with zion, are attacking the rest of us with electronic weapons and super surveillance, and it is just a matter of time before the country collapses of its own top heaviness and divided confusion.  That is the Mormon plan no doubt.  The true perpetrator's, if they can remain undetected, can orchestrate the destruction of all but themselves, then pick up the pieces.  This is called conspiracy.

It is rife here now.

Just yesterday a vote was taken on an amendment in Congress sponsored by Justin Amish (co-sponsored by John Conyers) to curb the powers of the NSA, and the bill was defeated with a split so close to perfect that it appears engineered as a spectacle for dopes.  America is certainly full of them.  The summary of the amendment is this: Ends authority for the blanket collection of records under the Patriot Act. Bars the NSA and other agencies from using Section 215 of the Patriot Act to collect records, including telephone call records, that pertain to persons who are not subject to an investigation under Section 215...

The margin between yes and no in this case was 12 votes, and coincidentally, 12 representatives did not vote!  How about them apples?  Hmmmm?  Here are the non-voters:

Barletta, Beatty, Bustos, Campbell, Coble, Herrera Beutler, Horsford, Mccarthy NY, Negrete Mcleod, Pallone, Rokita, Schock.

I am going to try to find out which of the 217 are mormons or related/beholden to the mormon church.  The new NSA center is operational at Salt Lake Utah, and it records ALL electronic communications daily of United States citizens.  The reasons for that are nefarious, I assure you.  You are being quietly eliminated, it is called culling, and because you have been schooled by zion, you cannot even see it.  Here is the list of primary traitors to the American public, the people who voted against curbing the mormon NSA and its runaway unaccountable powers:

---- NOES    217 ---

Barrow (GA)
Bera (CA)
Bishop (GA)
Bishop (NY)
Brady (TX)
Brooks (AL)
Brooks (IN)
Brown (FL)
Brownley (CA)
Castor (FL)
Castro (TX)
Collins (GA)
Collins (NY)
Davis (CA)
Frankel (FL)
Franks (AZ)
Gingrey (GA)
Graves (MO)
Green, Al
Hastings (WA)
Heck (NV)
Heck (WA)
Jackson Lee
Johnson (GA)
Johnson, E. B.
Johnson, Sam
Kelly (IL)
Kelly (PA)
King (IA)
King (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
Larsen (WA)
Maloney, Sean
McCarthy (CA)
Miller (FL)
Miller (MI)
Murphy (FL)
Murphy (PA)
Peters (CA)
Peters (MI)
Price (NC)
Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Rogers (MI)
Ryan (OH)
Ryan (WI)
Scott, Austin
Scott, David
Sewell (AL)
Smith (NE)
Smith (TX)
Smith (WA)
Thompson (CA)
Van Hollen
Wasserman Schultz
Webster (FL)
Wilson (FL)
Young (FL)
Young (IN)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Killing Of The King And Electronic Mind Control In America

One of the most time honored Demoralization/Spiritual-Desecration

techniques of the elite military class is called The Killing Of The King.

 When any people are violently and forcibly conquered, the winner of the

battle traditionally assembles the lot of survivors, and to drive it home

that there is no hope for them and the lives they used to know, the

captured leader is executed in front of the mob.  It has known and

calculable effect. The death of the King before a public execution could

transpire was a much less than optimum result according to the victors

during the battles among the male beasties of this world, since a long

long time ago.




The killing of John F. Kennedy while he was president of America was just

such a killing, symbolic, full of underlying threat, and there was

TELEVISION, too, so no greater group of losers had ever been assembled

before.  His enemies publicly blew his brains out onto the road and the

car, and onto his old ladies lap, and then made a mockery of justice, but it was all 

just preppie wars really, the rich families feuding over territory and power.


The greatest result of the killing of Kennedy on TV was this: the crime

rate afterward doubled across the country in the following 2 decades, and

I am being conservative.  The people had lost confidence in their

government at a fundamental level, and all that was what brought about

this present day police state.  Plus there has been WW1, WW2 Korean War,

Vietnam, the Drug War, The War On Cancer, The War On Poverty and all the

other wars, where War Powers Acts were enacted, And NEVER Rescinded: our

written guidelines are wrecked beyond repair.  This was all DONE to us,

and a lot more.


A Long Term Well Financed Calculated Ongoing Attack.


Yes, it is ongoing, and the next step in policing has become almost

automatic, with vast visionary and auditory capabilities across an almost

unbelievable spectrum.  This is the aerosol technology and antenna

technology and satellite technology, large power broadcast energy which

was the real grail, electronic mind control of high proven power, but

hidden like a feint within a feint within a feint as communications,

entertainment, rainmaking, and other environmental remediation schemes.  


There are no oversight powers watching over these so-called secret

programs either.


The elite insinuate we will be healthier for their efforts, but deny deny

deny it is even happening, in spite of people being able to see many

aspects of the aerosol programs, and more, with their own eyes daily. 

Many believe this aerosol program is pacification, and thats how a

lot of it was publicly explained away and legalized: the drugging of

crowds, crowd control.  Jorge duhhhhhhhh-bya Bush did that, look into it.

 Now crime has dropped back to pre-kennedy era, which is to say the era where 

the rigid mind control of the industrialists was young and hearty.  The peoples minds 

are brought around to profit for the masters again, at all costs, and it is made to

look like a boon to society, or an answer to crime, or things even more

ludicrous and deceiving.  But it is just advancement of a long term agenda of slave making.


And the beasties here, like a bunch of devolved and broken mechanata, eat

it up.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Law As Demoralization And Mind Control

The Stand Your Ground Law in Florida is a law that was written to encourage people to defend themselves during violent altercations without fear of reprisal by the government at large.  Unfortunately, there is lot of evidence that this law only works for special people, most notably the white friends of the bush crime family.  Especially the latin friends of the bush crime family, people like jorge zimmerman.

In a well publicized trial by half a jury of all women (which many believe was orchestrated just to draw attention away from the Bradley Manning trial) the not guilty verdict was quick and easy.  That was not the case with Florida mother Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville who was tried and sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots inside her home in an effort to ward off her estranged and violent husband in 2010.  The lawyers tried to get her to plea to a 3 year deal, but she would not, confident that the Stand Your Ground Law, signed into law by jeb bush in 2005, would protect her.  She stated repeatedly that she had done nothing wrong, and her record was totally clean: she had never been in trouble with the law before.

Well, the good old boys of the Jacksonville courts did not see it this way, and Circuit Court Judge James Daniel handed down the twenty year sentence with nary a qualm.  He taught her a lesson for not bowing down to the courts wishes, with a 20 year sentence which she is in the process of serving now.

Some believe it was her failure to "Comply" with the courts request for a plea bargain which caused her to be singled out and sentenced to 20 years, others just believe it has to do with cronyism at all levels of government in Florida.  Either way, it sure seems that this highly publicized law only works some of the time, for certain types of people.  People on the inside, as it were.  Stand Your Ground is simply a frivolous law to protect the Elite Deviant class, which is a very large percentage of the people in Florida.

When lawmaking becomes frivolous, as it has, it undermines the entire society and thereby the mental state of all who inhabit it. This is called Mind Control.  It creates the shattered psyche which is then so much easier to influence and control.  It is an ATTACK on you and yours, and the success of the attack is directly related to the peoples denial that it is even happening.

As for me personally, (And I pray it never happens) my Stand Your Ground Law reads as follows:


I have always felt that way, and I do not worry about it, because I will know what to do if the time comes.  First and foremost though I will MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, unlike a lot of these cops and wannabe cops and junior rangers and student snitches and all the rest of the poor mentally retarded saps which are constantly being recruited by the police state.  People like jorge zimmerman, people without a life who have to go looking for trouble.  People in law enforcement or the corrupt government, who believe themselves exempt from the laws which most other people have to follow.  There is a sociological term for that: ELITE DEVIANCE.

America is alllllll about Elite Deviance, and the bush crime family is just one good example.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surveillance As Electronic Mind Control

The birth of electronic surveillance took place long ago.  As with other types of mind control, the basic techniques and processes of surveillance were well entrenched long before electronics.  Electronics has added capability and flavor to surveillance though, especially wireless electronics.  There are eyes everywhere, in the form of electronic cameras, used by law enforcement, the press, espionage agents of industry and the militarized police like the nsa  fbi and the cia, and of course personal entities are using sophisticated 8th generation High Def pinhole camera/audio surveillance too, for everything from monitoring children to making illegal pornography of their neighbors in the bedroom, ala Chevy Chase and his Summer Vacation.   The availability of all this stuff is quite well known by most, everyone has seen spy shops, and the entirety of electronic eavesdropping devices are available online now as well.  The government programs like PRISM, and the predation of Gates are just icing on the cake.

When other forms of mind control are considered, things like the age old and intentional shame taught to catholic kids from day one about body functions and the like, well, the earlier mind control seems to have somewhat anticipated the electronic, and now all that shame can be enforced mammy.  EnFORCED.  This causes people to act in predictable ways, and that is electronic mind control enhancing other types of mind control.  The whole process is hydraulic and has been worked at a long time.

The aerosol technologies and satellites and antennae technologies are all a part of one huge program, and a lot of that is all about electronic surveillance, like you cannot imagine, listening from a distance, visuals of high quality anywhere, the perps get frantic when they cannot monitor certain of their subjects, their pet projects, <Grin> and thats fun to watch, but it does not happen much, I assure you.

     Society is evolving at a fast pace now.  There is a new enlightenment taking place, all the more explosive for the suppression it has undergone at the hands of the various churches and the money demons running them.   Perhaps telekinesis and other psychological attributes of this milieu where the human is engine will become empowered now that we all live in an energy field of order and increasing power.  That should scare you no end.  People who do things like this with the antennae and satellites and active auroral technologies, they always do it without consideration of long term consequences.  That ends in disaster a vast majority of the time.

Spooks: The Haunting Of America, Jim Hougan
Snowden Revelations
Wikileaks Revelations
Total Information Awareness: The Entire Electromagnetic Spectrum
Nikola Tesla
Charles Hapgood
Frank Herbert
Movie: The Fury

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mormon NSA

The National Security Agency is comprised of many types of people, though for the vast majority of its history these people were largely east coast types, living in Baltimore, Connecticut, Virginia, places like that, and operating in or near the major city centers where NSA electronic spying facilities reside.  This octopus of an organization has grown its tentacles worldwide now, experiencing a huge spurt of growth after 911.  911 was good for many things political, a few too many for me to believe the official story in any way whatsoever....the official Cover is what it is, and I think you, dear reader, may find my book DEVILVISION useful if you are of a like mind, particularly chapter two.  You can find it at the Devilvision blog, a couple of entries down,


Throughout American government, especially the types of government run by the likes of Nixon, and Ronald Ray Gun, a certain behavioral profile has always been desired of aides, by the elite deviant political operators, because that profile indicates a naivete valuable as all get-out when it comes to advancing covert and even nefarious agendae.  Mormons have always fit this profile very well, being respectful, polite, abstaining from drugs and alcohol (For the most part) and also being well versed in secrecy and ethno-centristic hoo-hah from an early age.  These are team players from hell, ladies and gents, and the politico tripe who wish to define us through their sick definition of a reich-like America just love the mormies and their mindset.  Perhaps they like them because they all look alike too.  Drones in every sense. I myself am having trouble these days telling Karl Rove and John Ellis Bush apart....I think Bush is taller, fwiw.

Which all has a lot to do with the latest NSA center out there near Salt Lake City, the Mormon Stronghold of the world.  This NSA facility is the largest of its kind, and is equipped with its own power plant and many other things.  It will record ALL electronic communications of the public from now on.  AI-like language machinery will search it for patterns continually, and Frank Herberts department of CHAOS comes closer and closer to being real.

In my experience, which entails living amongst the mormons for 7 years, I can say this:  they are some hard core hard heads.  Nice enough one on one, but when they group, if you are not mormon, its the group against you.  They supposedly give you so much time, like 5 years, to assimilate yourself into their society, or you are shunned, which means you are punished whenever possible, in any way possible.  They are heavy into surveillance on a personal level and many still believe the native Americans are one of the lost tribes of Israel.   And they have adopted the cruelty of the Latinos who they co-exist with in the desert southwest, just more icing on the cake.

Their power base includes the Bush crime family, and a lot of republicanism from the Bible Belt of the Southeast.  They have made their religion a crusade, and are poised to have their way with you and your privacy.  Most people have no idea, No Idea, what is about to happen.

Learn to thwart the NSA.  It is not American and it is being used against individuality and freedom, to create a more mormon-like society.  In secret.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mainstream Media As Electronic Mind Control

     ...In 1925 B. Bekhterev's group conducted the first experiments on the collective suggestion of emotions over a distance. Mass suggestion was achieved with the radio-set...
                                                              Psychotronic Golgotha
                                                              N.I. Anisimov, 1999

The first electronic mind control was broadcast radio which everyman could tune into and partake of  for entertainment and information.  The constriction of available information sources had begun.  This activity is called programming by the broadcasters, and there is very good reason for that, because it literally IS programming.  The ability to sway minds with electronic communications was evident even before the advent.  Human emotion has always been easily manipulable, ask William Randolph Hearst or any of his zionist lackey descendents. By the time of the radio set the people to whom control is everything already had a good working knowledge of human emotion, and they set to work straight away to cinch their hold over the group psyche.

Then came television.  The end of America.  It is not the actual device which has wreaked havoc here in America, but the programming broadcast via the television: it is an unceasing agenda of stupidity, drama, worthless information, and hate. It is the dumbing down of America, in case you were wondering where that term became prominent. 

A lot of electronic mind control has always been disguised as entertainment, or communications.  Electronic mind control in its simplest manifestation then is just someone or some THING coming across the entertainment waves in "Shows" for an "Audience" in which human emotion is twisted and stressed and finally broke open and solved to the satisfaction of the majority.  Its what the human world is all about and could be celebrated, but instead is demeaned and rigorously defined by an elite deviant class, with purpose, mostly selling you something, or trying to teach you you owe something, but sometimes malicious as hell.  Slavemaking.  Welcome to Zion.

My first knowledge of broadcast power as an actual weapon did not happen until I  talked to some guys at the radar squadron in the Air Force.  They would sometimes intentionally aim their beam-like energies at large birds flying by, just to watch the birds try to escape what had to be pain.  This has been happening since the 60s at least, and probably even earlier. 

So. Actual energy sources aimed at people to effect the way they think or the way they behave did not happen until pretty recently because the power for such operations was lacking.  Once large antennae could be justified though, along with sprayed aerosol constructs in the sky to harness the suns power in new magnitude, then the power became available to influence and even kill people with directed energy.

An RN I knew once told me "No, they can not get into my head, and make me think things I do not want to...".  I did not argue, I just said: "Maybe thats true, but they can sure influence your gastric processes with energy and give you a stomach ache, and believe me, when you are sick, your actions are PREDICTABLE, and thats all they really care about, their precious little spectrum of predictable behavior, (Which is right now as I am writing this the holy grail of israeli forces who have taken over the American government).

As for someone getting inside someone elses mind with voices and the like, I assure you that those stories are not just something that someone pulled out of thin air, it is a real phenomenon related to microwave energy, as explained in detail here:  So far, and lucky for us, a lot of these machine created mind voices are not really coercive, are actually more of a bother to the test subjects, though the subjects of these illegal tests generally state this treatment is being used in conjunction with other mind control such as street theatre/gaslighting drills and exercises which the DHS knows ALL about, sleep denial, biotech infections, or even drugs applied via aerosol or in food/water.

The present day government is the mob.  They have been bought six or eight deep by the bankers of the world, most notably of  Tel Aviv and London.  They make the Sicilians look like grade schoolers, killing off a thousand people for every mob hit.  They steal from the old and inform, while smiling and promising this that and the other thing all the while.  They and their mind controlled drone army kill children, and like it.  They have spent the better part of Americas money creating vast facilities for themselves to hide, and they are using their super surveillance network to hide behind.  Electronic mind control in America is alive and well, and has been that way for a very long time.  You are in a prison of your own making, and it is perfect, because you are no longer capable of seeing the bars, and you will fight against anyone who tells you about your true state of affairs.

Get israeli influence out of America, or die a slow lingering death, as you have been doing now for 100 years, since the inception of the federal reserve in 1913.


...At the dawn of the scientific-technical progress, dictators and rulers of totalitarian governments dreamt about how to embody the most ancient occult sciences and hidden potentials of mankind's psyche in technical weapons in order to, with their help, make their own populations obediently conformist, blindly fulfilling the wishes of the dictator and his associates. They even cherished monstrous ideas, after the creation of super-weapons, of using these for the enslavement of other governments and of becoming rulers of the world...Psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electronic-irradiating apparatuses capable, over a large distance, of controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, purposefully destroying his health. Psychotronic weapons are lofty, rational weapons which are applied in combination with other types of non-lethal weapons and psycho-technological weapons. Usually people who become victims are gifted people not loyal to the regime, servicemen from military subdivisions, athletes, those held in prisons and concentration camps, people who make up the ranks of dispensaries, without exception prisoners of psychiatric hospitals, and also the population in free behavior. With the realization of the psycho-programming and terror, the criminals strictly adhere to the basic principle of psycho-com-fascism which consists of the gradual suppression and destruction of the person in a psycho-physical plan, as with the personality and the destruction of his I. In connection with this, the conclusion suggests itself : that governmental departments, called upon to stand as the guardian of the health of the people, appear to be direct participants in these abominable crimes....

Psychotronic Golgotha
N.I. Anisimov, 1999


Microwave Auditory Effect

Confirmed by U.S. War Veterans Today

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

The Covert War on British Citizens - A website by Targeted British War Veterans of the same covert technologies and organized government sponsored stalking

Friday, July 5, 2013

The New Terrorism

     A lot of research supplies proof concerning government complicity, and even planning, during terror events of the last few decades, especially 911, but also the Oklahoma city bombing, which was the supposed result of another terror event we all KNOW was instigated by the government @ Waco Texas.  That last, Waco Texas, was straight up black magic human sacrifice, and was in everyones faces on TV for the entire duration and even after the flaming climax.  By time Waco was finished everyone knew who Janet Reno was, and some of the libs at the post office where I was doing contract work at the time went around crowing about Waco standing for WHAT A COOK OUT.
     So terror is now committed by government agents more times than not, to justify their own jobs of course, and thereby becoming blood sport, tv fodder, in the process.  You are being handled with your media.  The elite deviant class of leadership across the world has succeeded in manipulation of the mainstream media via these well timed terror events, and the sheople are eating it up! Even Carlin cried for bodies flying through the air and flaming debris during the news, and I am sure he is getting his wish now, wherever he may be.
     In seeming response to these macro-terror events perpetrated by world government officials, there has become a new sound from the mass, a bellowing of indignation and pain.  Government trained professionals are now making presents for their favorite politicians, and it is getting out of hand fast.  Recently mainstream media released a story of a layed off GE worker from upstate New York putting together an "Atom Bomb" on a light switch, a van equipped with a radiation cannon capable of burst firing lethal levels of radiation with remote controls from out the back door.  This was damage control on the part of the mainstream media, because other damning informations were erupting in the internet media concerning governments roles in state sponsored terrorisms, and it is a scared new world.
     My source on this information (thanks jeff) quipped a classic when he hoped Bammy the Kenyan Prince was wearing his tin foil beanie today, and from this day forward.  The term "Tinfoil Beanie" is a prepared statement of denigration btw, used by the cyber shills of special forces and law enforcement on anyone, especially online, who mention active auroral technologies, or other directed energy weaponry of the Radiant Arsenal.  From the looks of things it appears Bammy might needs to get his bad old self some tinfoil long johns too.
     The new terror is just that, terror still, in spite of all the expenditures and other aspects of the pacification program that has been in force here since 911, and is easily observable with eyes.  The government controls the electronic surveillance apparat, so there truly is no protection from them, though government tends to fix itself over time, after a few thousand fifty five gallons drums of blood are spilt on the dirt.  Just hang on and stand clear, the monsters are being outed, and thats when they no longer even have to portray a semblance of civilization, and they are truly animals.  You will see.
     A lot of the people they have trained are very smart, and counter-intuitive, and many are very bitter.   The New Terrorism will exceed all limits of the old terrorism, and intellect will not necessarily be the realm of the governments version.
     There will be plenty for all, no doubt.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ordinary Citizens Targeted In Government Exercises

     A growing number of citizens worldwide are claiming they have been electronically attacked and harassed, while being used as unwilling test subjects during government exercises which include but are not limited to Homeland Security drills.  Many claim they have been singled out for this treatment because of their political views, while others do not seem to know why they are being targeted with a radiant weaponry that is mostly secret, but is being tested by the U.S. Government here and abroad.  Targeted individuals cite information sources such as The Artificial Telepathy Blog ( to help bring readers up to date on what the United States government is developing along the lines of electronic mind control and punishment. 
     Some targeted Individuals allege that this is all part of a much broader plan to create psychotics on demand to influence public opinion via the mainstream media.  Some have also claimed the onset of their electronic torture began after 911.  Be assured the government, especially the CIA, has been experimenting along these lines (Psychological torture and division, Marionette Programming, more) for a long time. Remember MK-ULTRA, PANDORA, and all the others.
     T.I. John Finch (Targeted Individual) along with over 5000 others make regular appeals to authorities worldwide.  His evidence and pleas indicate high powered directional microwave weaponry, as well as laser, and  ultrasound,  being deployed as tests on unwilling human subjects.  The methods of deployment could include satellite, and active auroral sources.  High Power.  Perhaps this is what the electronic chipping is really all about, a way to target individuals at all times.
    Many targeted individuals have moved about, staying mobile, but this does not help, they say, as the networks are of course all computer connected and whereabouts close to instantaneous.  A number of targeted individuals state this organized mobbing and stalking and electronic harassment is the result of The Patriot Act, others point out the fact that the decay of individual sovereignty in America has been ongoing since July 5th 1776. Only diligence could have maintained it, and the people have been carefully lured away from diligence, so that a government run amok is using the populace for its illegal and immoral experiments in electronic control.


Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis