Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The overt aggression The United States is threatening Syria with is just the excuse the Israeli run government here will use to justify micronukes and biotech as terror against the American people.  The new world odor  severely needs to get America back in line, happily paying taxes and supporting without question the military industrial complex hi ho.  The Israeli run government of America desperately needs someone to blame the next wave of terror on, even though it has been shown pretty clearly the Israeli federal reserve government itself is doing the terror now, and has been since clinton, ala operation northwoods.  Its just that most Americans do not care because they are lazy as hell in their minds and so far most of the strife is in someone elses backyard, well hey idiots thats about to change. Wake up.  When the real terror starts, understand it is Israel, and their enablers the zionist christians, and of course nearly every politician in government from the city level up.  If you want to stop the terror you are going to have to destroy those groups out of hand, or America is dead....some of us have known about these lying scum for a long time, and have been fighting them for a long time, so its only news to people who have bought into zions media, really.  I am sure though that the american tv party will be led along to their deaths, finally, because its just been a matter of increment anyway.  A slow attack, way above their heads, take all their money first.

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