Thursday, September 5, 2013

Active Auroral Warfare Plasmas As Facilitators Of Novel Classified Energy Forms For Use As Electronic Mind Control

     Active Auroral Plasmas are artifacts of aerosol technology which have been treated by the sun in varying degrees, as they themselves treat the ground below with altered solar power.  Alteration of the suns energy takes place by particulate matter becoming ionized in the air.  The sun is very powerful, more so by magnitude across vast expanses.  These two aspects of active auroral warfare plasma utilize the energy of the sun, and can be called vector#1 of any aerosol event.  Overall, the energy hitting the ground is altered by the airborn aerosol composition, usually radically, compared to "Natural" sunlight.  Easily observable.

     The aerosol operations are very expensive, and take a high degree of coordination worldwide.  The aerosol experimentation and implementation is total now, America being the last of the holdings, succumbing after 911, blinded by geegaws and the storytellers at the city gates.  Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada and America;  in that order...there are even rumors that South America is finally in the soup too, and that george bush sr is down there melting glaciers with aerosol Active Auroral heaters,  to get at the alluvial gold in the creek bed below.  That too is a story for another day and not a subject covered at this blog.  See my Treasure Hunting blog in the future.


     What began as remote covert experiments after the second world war became daily occurences in all the skies of the world after 911.  Big Big Money.  It is sold to the elite mainly as a security technology, and surveillance is one aspect of it, a main aspect, in this world of federal reserve total information awareness.  But actual Behavior/Behaviour Modification is part and parcel among the "Attributes" of this highly classified ENMOD military energy system, too.   The energies are large.   If you see fish bone looking, undulating type forms (Undulatus) these are classic indications of ENMOD operations, along with a host of other types of cloud forms that were not around 30 years ago.  My, how time flies.  There are myriad declassified patents concerning all of this too.  Start with the Patent on HAARP, Bernard Eastlund.  Do it sitting down.  Also look up the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter while you are researching.  Just to cover some more bases, Jorge duhhhh-bya Bush did legalize aerial spraying of drugs as crowd control during his time with the whip, too .

     When novel energy forms, like radiations (Ionizations), emanations (Tectonic) or vibrations (Ultrasound) are produced artificially, by the federal reserve military, the active auroral forms in the sky possess very special, Usable properties including reflection of energies over the horizon, massive electronic field production, and beam like properties, though there is much more.  There are experiments being done daily, which have been going on hot and heavy since 911: amplifications, eavesdropping extraordinaire,  IRRADIATION of the ground and its organisms....

     Like an ant under the magnifying glass, these are the days of your life....


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