Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ordinary Citizens Targeted In Government Exercises

     A growing number of citizens worldwide are claiming they have been electronically attacked and harassed, while being used as unwilling test subjects during government exercises which include but are not limited to Homeland Security drills.  Many claim they have been singled out for this treatment because of their political views, while others do not seem to know why they are being targeted with a radiant weaponry that is mostly secret, but is being tested by the U.S. Government here and abroad.  Targeted individuals cite information sources such as The Artificial Telepathy Blog ( to help bring readers up to date on what the United States government is developing along the lines of electronic mind control and punishment. 
     Some targeted Individuals allege that this is all part of a much broader plan to create psychotics on demand to influence public opinion via the mainstream media.  Some have also claimed the onset of their electronic torture began after 911.  Be assured the government, especially the CIA, has been experimenting along these lines (Psychological torture and division, Marionette Programming, more) for a long time. Remember MK-ULTRA, PANDORA, and all the others.
     T.I. John Finch (Targeted Individual) along with over 5000 others make regular appeals to authorities worldwide.  His evidence and pleas indicate high powered directional microwave weaponry, as well as laser, and  ultrasound,  being deployed as tests on unwilling human subjects.  The methods of deployment could include satellite, and active auroral sources.  High Power.  Perhaps this is what the electronic chipping is really all about, a way to target individuals at all times.
    Many targeted individuals have moved about, staying mobile, but this does not help, they say, as the networks are of course all computer connected and whereabouts close to instantaneous.  A number of targeted individuals state this organized mobbing and stalking and electronic harassment is the result of The Patriot Act, others point out the fact that the decay of individual sovereignty in America has been ongoing since July 5th 1776. Only diligence could have maintained it, and the people have been carefully lured away from diligence, so that a government run amok is using the populace for its illegal and immoral experiments in electronic control.


Criminal and Scientific Misconduct Involving Neural Prosthesis

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  1. Just in case you have not received this document...


    Delivered by Navy Seals, supposedly, it gives a lot of details as to what targets have attempted to disclose to the public for so many years...A very good read.

    Comment by mstmha (Targeted Individual)