Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Law As Demoralization And Mind Control

The Stand Your Ground Law in Florida is a law that was written to encourage people to defend themselves during violent altercations without fear of reprisal by the government at large.  Unfortunately, there is lot of evidence that this law only works for special people, most notably the white friends of the bush crime family.  Especially the latin friends of the bush crime family, people like jorge zimmerman.

In a well publicized trial by half a jury of all women (which many believe was orchestrated just to draw attention away from the Bradley Manning trial) the not guilty verdict was quick and easy.  That was not the case with Florida mother Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville who was tried and sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots inside her home in an effort to ward off her estranged and violent husband in 2010.  The lawyers tried to get her to plea to a 3 year deal, but she would not, confident that the Stand Your Ground Law, signed into law by jeb bush in 2005, would protect her.  She stated repeatedly that she had done nothing wrong, and her record was totally clean: she had never been in trouble with the law before.

Well, the good old boys of the Jacksonville courts did not see it this way, and Circuit Court Judge James Daniel handed down the twenty year sentence with nary a qualm.  He taught her a lesson for not bowing down to the courts wishes, with a 20 year sentence which she is in the process of serving now.

Some believe it was her failure to "Comply" with the courts request for a plea bargain which caused her to be singled out and sentenced to 20 years, others just believe it has to do with cronyism at all levels of government in Florida.  Either way, it sure seems that this highly publicized law only works some of the time, for certain types of people.  People on the inside, as it were.  Stand Your Ground is simply a frivolous law to protect the Elite Deviant class, which is a very large percentage of the people in Florida.

When lawmaking becomes frivolous, as it has, it undermines the entire society and thereby the mental state of all who inhabit it. This is called Mind Control.  It creates the shattered psyche which is then so much easier to influence and control.  It is an ATTACK on you and yours, and the success of the attack is directly related to the peoples denial that it is even happening.

As for me personally, (And I pray it never happens) my Stand Your Ground Law reads as follows:


I have always felt that way, and I do not worry about it, because I will know what to do if the time comes.  First and foremost though I will MIND MY OWN BUSINESS, unlike a lot of these cops and wannabe cops and junior rangers and student snitches and all the rest of the poor mentally retarded saps which are constantly being recruited by the police state.  People like jorge zimmerman, people without a life who have to go looking for trouble.  People in law enforcement or the corrupt government, who believe themselves exempt from the laws which most other people have to follow.  There is a sociological term for that: ELITE DEVIANCE.

America is alllllll about Elite Deviance, and the bush crime family is just one good example.

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