Monday, September 16, 2013

The Navy Yard Shootings And Electronic Mind Control

     There is a show going on in the nations capital, Washington DC, as this is being written.  It follows almost exactly the script laid down by Operation Northwoods, which was never signed into law when presented to John Kennedy when he was president, but none the less became popular as mind control distraction during the lawless and unAmerican Jorge Duhhhhhhh-bya Bush Administration.  Operation Northwoods, or something a lot like it, is now being used with greater and greater frequency whenever government wants to twist the minds of the people away from its lying predation.

     Operation Northwoods is actually just violently created press fodder, by which the media, the most entrenched form of electronic mind control in America, is allowed to misinform, disinform, and lie outright with impunity, and zero accountability.  The facts are constantly altered in an attempt to confuse the viewers or listeners,  as the zionist media reports their "News" during these episodes of government sponsored terror.  Perhaps the reader can recall the sniper attacks after 911, during the Jorge Duhhhhhhh-bya Bush administration, and the disinfo + misinfo propagated by the zionists in order to draw attention away from 911 and Jorges war mongering for Israel.  This all got swept under the rug because it did nothing but haze over an already foggy situation, the time period right after 911.  That was the intent, of course.

     Things are all coming together for the zionists here in Amerikkka, AND their enemies, people like me, and as the time draws near for a showdown, the activity reported by the zionist media becomes so slanted and cheesy that even the old people, who usually swallow it all without a qualm, are starting to balk, because they can see that there is something else operating in the background, something that desperately wants them to believe information which they are having a hard time matching up with what their eyes see.

     There is, in fact, a covert civil war going on here now, and it has been going thud a gallop since the ENMOD machine was installed across the world during the administration of Jorge Duhhhhh-bya Bush and his crime family.  It is now possible to attack specific areas with hurricanes, torrential rains, drought, and even tornadoes, all with a much coveted deniability.   The cat is out of the bag though and this has the zionist government rather freaking out, because none of their malarkey works without secrecy.  If they lose secrecy, they lose it all;  to keep that from happeneing they must resort to sniper shootings and fake war scenarios and the like to distract the people away from openly questioning these aerosol weapons in the sky, which constitutes the true electronic mind control in America now. 


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