Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mormon NSA

The National Security Agency is comprised of many types of people, though for the vast majority of its history these people were largely east coast types, living in Baltimore, Connecticut, Virginia, places like that, and operating in or near the major city centers where NSA electronic spying facilities reside.  This octopus of an organization has grown its tentacles worldwide now, experiencing a huge spurt of growth after 911.  911 was good for many things political, a few too many for me to believe the official story in any way whatsoever....the official Cover is what it is, and I think you, dear reader, may find my book DEVILVISION useful if you are of a like mind, particularly chapter two.  You can find it at the Devilvision blog, a couple of entries down,


Throughout American government, especially the types of government run by the likes of Nixon, and Ronald Ray Gun, a certain behavioral profile has always been desired of aides, by the elite deviant political operators, because that profile indicates a naivete valuable as all get-out when it comes to advancing covert and even nefarious agendae.  Mormons have always fit this profile very well, being respectful, polite, abstaining from drugs and alcohol (For the most part) and also being well versed in secrecy and ethno-centristic hoo-hah from an early age.  These are team players from hell, ladies and gents, and the politico tripe who wish to define us through their sick definition of a reich-like America just love the mormies and their mindset.  Perhaps they like them because they all look alike too.  Drones in every sense. I myself am having trouble these days telling Karl Rove and John Ellis Bush apart....I think Bush is taller, fwiw.

Which all has a lot to do with the latest NSA center out there near Salt Lake City, the Mormon Stronghold of the world.  This NSA facility is the largest of its kind, and is equipped with its own power plant and many other things.  It will record ALL electronic communications of the public from now on.  AI-like language machinery will search it for patterns continually, and Frank Herberts department of CHAOS comes closer and closer to being real.

In my experience, which entails living amongst the mormons for 7 years, I can say this:  they are some hard core hard heads.  Nice enough one on one, but when they group, if you are not mormon, its the group against you.  They supposedly give you so much time, like 5 years, to assimilate yourself into their society, or you are shunned, which means you are punished whenever possible, in any way possible.  They are heavy into surveillance on a personal level and many still believe the native Americans are one of the lost tribes of Israel.   And they have adopted the cruelty of the Latinos who they co-exist with in the desert southwest, just more icing on the cake.

Their power base includes the Bush crime family, and a lot of republicanism from the Bible Belt of the Southeast.  They have made their religion a crusade, and are poised to have their way with you and your privacy.  Most people have no idea, No Idea, what is about to happen.

Learn to thwart the NSA.  It is not American and it is being used against individuality and freedom, to create a more mormon-like society.  In secret.

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