Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Money As Mind Control

     The bottom line of all illegal surveillance is control.  Anybody who thinks they don't have to worry about that is kidding themselves and they are being quite naive really.  The point of illegal surveillance is TARGETING, targeting of individuals and groups.  This insinuates attack and it is the reality of it too.  The first thing government wants to do to hurt someone making trouble is to control their income.  It is economic terrorism forever.  It is the American way.  The whole damned country ought to be able to glom that, I mean duhhhhh, if you are not being handled by your money situation, you are in a very rare group indeed.   That means you have even MORE to fear from the regime in power now, barry soetero and friends, but most independently wealthy people are loathe to see this until it is much too late, they are in denial badly.  The Seal Team 6 family members, left overs from the human sacrifice which took place after the so called bin Laden extermination, are just one case in point.  The expendable elite, oh yeahhhh, the most mind controlled of all, those with military reinforcement in their heads, are seeing it and they see it ain't pretty.  Not at all.  War within a war within a war...

     In this usurous land where money grows on trees as long as you are born into the right religion or ethnic group, commercialism is God, money is God, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.  Oh yeah all the holy rollers talk a good game but most are totally full of malarkey, so much so it runneth over into the world about them, like some kind of acrid yellow crystalline stink.  Yes, all you evangelical males worshipping a male, take your suppressed homosexuality, and your lords and kings, and fly thee to the moon with them!  Or at least away from America, because lords and kings ARE unAmerican.

     At least the attorneys are somewhat open about this religion, they are the acolytes of the federal reserve currency, the actual functionaries of it, and they like it.  They study long and hard for the opportunity to serve God money.  They usually make no bones about it. They understand what it would be like to be denied a livelihood in a plentiful land.  It would be a lot like hell.  It is a lot like hell.

     We have also begun to understand as a group the propensity for torture our leaders possess, said propensity made really public since duhhhh-bya was president, it has been bandied about in the press Every Day in word AND deed.  The NSA scumbags and all the other white-welfare make-work bitch boys of the new world odor LOVE torture, it is their secondary religion.  They use surveillance to torture subjects, in as many ways as possible, directed energy weaponry, gaslighting, street theatre, but most of all, economic denial.  Blacklist.  Nothing new, just techno, like everything else now days.

     Lets hope this backfires and devalues all their paper, as is happening now, so that a barter economy can be reborn, with cash as silver and gold.  I can feel it coming, can't you?  They leave no alternatives, and many people have sacrificed BIG towards that end.  The elite deviant class are one trick ponies and their subjugation of us down through time is truly the dull and banal drumbeat of history. The government employees inventing reasons to ride herd on us will undo themselves, God damned pigs, because when the light shines on two bit animals like that they shrivel and die, blackest secrecy is their life blood, and it is running into the gutter.  I love it.

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