Friday, July 5, 2013

The New Terrorism

     A lot of research supplies proof concerning government complicity, and even planning, during terror events of the last few decades, especially 911, but also the Oklahoma city bombing, which was the supposed result of another terror event we all KNOW was instigated by the government @ Waco Texas.  That last, Waco Texas, was straight up black magic human sacrifice, and was in everyones faces on TV for the entire duration and even after the flaming climax.  By time Waco was finished everyone knew who Janet Reno was, and some of the libs at the post office where I was doing contract work at the time went around crowing about Waco standing for WHAT A COOK OUT.
     So terror is now committed by government agents more times than not, to justify their own jobs of course, and thereby becoming blood sport, tv fodder, in the process.  You are being handled with your media.  The elite deviant class of leadership across the world has succeeded in manipulation of the mainstream media via these well timed terror events, and the sheople are eating it up! Even Carlin cried for bodies flying through the air and flaming debris during the news, and I am sure he is getting his wish now, wherever he may be.
     In seeming response to these macro-terror events perpetrated by world government officials, there has become a new sound from the mass, a bellowing of indignation and pain.  Government trained professionals are now making presents for their favorite politicians, and it is getting out of hand fast.  Recently mainstream media released a story of a layed off GE worker from upstate New York putting together an "Atom Bomb" on a light switch, a van equipped with a radiation cannon capable of burst firing lethal levels of radiation with remote controls from out the back door.  This was damage control on the part of the mainstream media, because other damning informations were erupting in the internet media concerning governments roles in state sponsored terrorisms, and it is a scared new world.
     My source on this information (thanks jeff) quipped a classic when he hoped Bammy the Kenyan Prince was wearing his tin foil beanie today, and from this day forward.  The term "Tinfoil Beanie" is a prepared statement of denigration btw, used by the cyber shills of special forces and law enforcement on anyone, especially online, who mention active auroral technologies, or other directed energy weaponry of the Radiant Arsenal.  From the looks of things it appears Bammy might needs to get his bad old self some tinfoil long johns too.
     The new terror is just that, terror still, in spite of all the expenditures and other aspects of the pacification program that has been in force here since 911, and is easily observable with eyes.  The government controls the electronic surveillance apparat, so there truly is no protection from them, though government tends to fix itself over time, after a few thousand fifty five gallons drums of blood are spilt on the dirt.  Just hang on and stand clear, the monsters are being outed, and thats when they no longer even have to portray a semblance of civilization, and they are truly animals.  You will see.
     A lot of the people they have trained are very smart, and counter-intuitive, and many are very bitter.   The New Terrorism will exceed all limits of the old terrorism, and intellect will not necessarily be the realm of the governments version.
     There will be plenty for all, no doubt.

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