Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frat Doggies, Industrial Espionage, & Privacy Theft

     One of the main purposes of surveillance is industrial espionage.  In fact, the surveillance police state as it stands today began as Industrial Espionage.  This is where the wienies who run the world, the fraternity rich boys, have turned business, America's much vaunted capitalism, into war, where all is fair, and the best doggy wins.  The hungriest doggy wins.

   This is not a real hunger though, this is a contrived hunger created in them by their frat doggy families, and their standing in society.  Yes, these hungry, brain-damaged frat doggies have made business, commerce, into war, and thats where the theft of information, industrial espionage, comes in.  And the surveillance police state, believe it or not.

     Theft of anything, information included, is illegal for most people, but not the elite deviant class, the frat dogs and they kiddies.  It is truth to say that one of the main reasons this elite allowed the internet to be born was because they knew  they would be able to steal a lot of innovation and invention from people whose good nature far outweighs their business sense.  Perhaps these "Uneducated" inventors and creative thinkers were never taught how business actually is in this zionist world of privilege and slave making debt schemes like the federal reserve.  Perhaps they never realized an education in the world of the zionist is a necessary thing today.  A lot of times inventors are actually rather meek people, content to do their work and have some fun along the way.  They become shakers and movers if their inventions are ever sold on a mass scale, but most small inventors have their works stolen from them, to be put into motion at a later date by some brain dead little frat doggy who is good at stealing, but not so good at thinking.  Praise the lord.


     One of the main subjects being taught at colleges today is called computer forensics.  This is to teach the frat doggy types how to "Harvest" data from the internet.  A nice way of saying how to "STEAL" from people on the internet.  It is hacking, made legal and acceptable.  All in the name of terror and law enforcement and the holy lord of ignorance.  This is so rich peoples kids can learn to steal original ideas and information from people who do not know enough to protect it.  The real thinkers, and writers, and inventors are never known anymore, its like that ugly foolish toad steven spielberg having to pay the real author of ET 6 million bux when he lost the lawsuit, and nobody ever heard about it.

     The government itself is highly vested in stealing information from the internet, it is what all their police do.  There are many thousands of police now who are paid big money to sit in front of computer screens daily and steal information, stealing your privacy.

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Fingerprints of The Gods, Graham Hancock
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