Sunday, July 14, 2013

Surveillance As Electronic Mind Control

The birth of electronic surveillance took place long ago.  As with other types of mind control, the basic techniques and processes of surveillance were well entrenched long before electronics.  Electronics has added capability and flavor to surveillance though, especially wireless electronics.  There are eyes everywhere, in the form of electronic cameras, used by law enforcement, the press, espionage agents of industry and the militarized police like the nsa  fbi and the cia, and of course personal entities are using sophisticated 8th generation High Def pinhole camera/audio surveillance too, for everything from monitoring children to making illegal pornography of their neighbors in the bedroom, ala Chevy Chase and his Summer Vacation.   The availability of all this stuff is quite well known by most, everyone has seen spy shops, and the entirety of electronic eavesdropping devices are available online now as well.  The government programs like PRISM, and the predation of Gates are just icing on the cake.

When other forms of mind control are considered, things like the age old and intentional shame taught to catholic kids from day one about body functions and the like, well, the earlier mind control seems to have somewhat anticipated the electronic, and now all that shame can be enforced mammy.  EnFORCED.  This causes people to act in predictable ways, and that is electronic mind control enhancing other types of mind control.  The whole process is hydraulic and has been worked at a long time.

The aerosol technologies and satellites and antennae technologies are all a part of one huge program, and a lot of that is all about electronic surveillance, like you cannot imagine, listening from a distance, visuals of high quality anywhere, the perps get frantic when they cannot monitor certain of their subjects, their pet projects, <Grin> and thats fun to watch, but it does not happen much, I assure you.

     Society is evolving at a fast pace now.  There is a new enlightenment taking place, all the more explosive for the suppression it has undergone at the hands of the various churches and the money demons running them.   Perhaps telekinesis and other psychological attributes of this milieu where the human is engine will become empowered now that we all live in an energy field of order and increasing power.  That should scare you no end.  People who do things like this with the antennae and satellites and active auroral technologies, they always do it without consideration of long term consequences.  That ends in disaster a vast majority of the time.

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