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Mainstream Media As Electronic Mind Control

     ...In 1925 B. Bekhterev's group conducted the first experiments on the collective suggestion of emotions over a distance. Mass suggestion was achieved with the radio-set...
                                                              Psychotronic Golgotha
                                                              N.I. Anisimov, 1999

The first electronic mind control was broadcast radio which everyman could tune into and partake of  for entertainment and information.  The constriction of available information sources had begun.  This activity is called programming by the broadcasters, and there is very good reason for that, because it literally IS programming.  The ability to sway minds with electronic communications was evident even before the advent.  Human emotion has always been easily manipulable, ask William Randolph Hearst or any of his zionist lackey descendents. By the time of the radio set the people to whom control is everything already had a good working knowledge of human emotion, and they set to work straight away to cinch their hold over the group psyche.

Then came television.  The end of America.  It is not the actual device which has wreaked havoc here in America, but the programming broadcast via the television: it is an unceasing agenda of stupidity, drama, worthless information, and hate. It is the dumbing down of America, in case you were wondering where that term became prominent. 

A lot of electronic mind control has always been disguised as entertainment, or communications.  Electronic mind control in its simplest manifestation then is just someone or some THING coming across the entertainment waves in "Shows" for an "Audience" in which human emotion is twisted and stressed and finally broke open and solved to the satisfaction of the majority.  Its what the human world is all about and could be celebrated, but instead is demeaned and rigorously defined by an elite deviant class, with purpose, mostly selling you something, or trying to teach you you owe something, but sometimes malicious as hell.  Slavemaking.  Welcome to Zion.

My first knowledge of broadcast power as an actual weapon did not happen until I  talked to some guys at the radar squadron in the Air Force.  They would sometimes intentionally aim their beam-like energies at large birds flying by, just to watch the birds try to escape what had to be pain.  This has been happening since the 60s at least, and probably even earlier. 

So. Actual energy sources aimed at people to effect the way they think or the way they behave did not happen until pretty recently because the power for such operations was lacking.  Once large antennae could be justified though, along with sprayed aerosol constructs in the sky to harness the suns power in new magnitude, then the power became available to influence and even kill people with directed energy.

An RN I knew once told me "No, they can not get into my head, and make me think things I do not want to...".  I did not argue, I just said: "Maybe thats true, but they can sure influence your gastric processes with energy and give you a stomach ache, and believe me, when you are sick, your actions are PREDICTABLE, and thats all they really care about, their precious little spectrum of predictable behavior, (Which is right now as I am writing this the holy grail of israeli forces who have taken over the American government).

As for someone getting inside someone elses mind with voices and the like, I assure you that those stories are not just something that someone pulled out of thin air, it is a real phenomenon related to microwave energy, as explained in detail here:  So far, and lucky for us, a lot of these machine created mind voices are not really coercive, are actually more of a bother to the test subjects, though the subjects of these illegal tests generally state this treatment is being used in conjunction with other mind control such as street theatre/gaslighting drills and exercises which the DHS knows ALL about, sleep denial, biotech infections, or even drugs applied via aerosol or in food/water.

The present day government is the mob.  They have been bought six or eight deep by the bankers of the world, most notably of  Tel Aviv and London.  They make the Sicilians look like grade schoolers, killing off a thousand people for every mob hit.  They steal from the old and inform, while smiling and promising this that and the other thing all the while.  They and their mind controlled drone army kill children, and like it.  They have spent the better part of Americas money creating vast facilities for themselves to hide, and they are using their super surveillance network to hide behind.  Electronic mind control in America is alive and well, and has been that way for a very long time.  You are in a prison of your own making, and it is perfect, because you are no longer capable of seeing the bars, and you will fight against anyone who tells you about your true state of affairs.

Get israeli influence out of America, or die a slow lingering death, as you have been doing now for 100 years, since the inception of the federal reserve in 1913.


...At the dawn of the scientific-technical progress, dictators and rulers of totalitarian governments dreamt about how to embody the most ancient occult sciences and hidden potentials of mankind's psyche in technical weapons in order to, with their help, make their own populations obediently conformist, blindly fulfilling the wishes of the dictator and his associates. They even cherished monstrous ideas, after the creation of super-weapons, of using these for the enslavement of other governments and of becoming rulers of the world...Psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electronic-irradiating apparatuses capable, over a large distance, of controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, purposefully destroying his health. Psychotronic weapons are lofty, rational weapons which are applied in combination with other types of non-lethal weapons and psycho-technological weapons. Usually people who become victims are gifted people not loyal to the regime, servicemen from military subdivisions, athletes, those held in prisons and concentration camps, people who make up the ranks of dispensaries, without exception prisoners of psychiatric hospitals, and also the population in free behavior. With the realization of the psycho-programming and terror, the criminals strictly adhere to the basic principle of psycho-com-fascism which consists of the gradual suppression and destruction of the person in a psycho-physical plan, as with the personality and the destruction of his I. In connection with this, the conclusion suggests itself : that governmental departments, called upon to stand as the guardian of the health of the people, appear to be direct participants in these abominable crimes....

Psychotronic Golgotha
N.I. Anisimov, 1999


Microwave Auditory Effect

Confirmed by U.S. War Veterans Today

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

The Covert War on British Citizens - A website by Targeted British War Veterans of the same covert technologies and organized government sponsored stalking

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