Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Killing Of The King And Electronic Mind Control In America

One of the most time honored Demoralization/Spiritual-Desecration

techniques of the elite military class is called The Killing Of The King.

 When any people are violently and forcibly conquered, the winner of the

battle traditionally assembles the lot of survivors, and to drive it home

that there is no hope for them and the lives they used to know, the

captured leader is executed in front of the mob.  It has known and

calculable effect. The death of the King before a public execution could

transpire was a much less than optimum result according to the victors

during the battles among the male beasties of this world, since a long

long time ago.




The killing of John F. Kennedy while he was president of America was just

such a killing, symbolic, full of underlying threat, and there was

TELEVISION, too, so no greater group of losers had ever been assembled

before.  His enemies publicly blew his brains out onto the road and the

car, and onto his old ladies lap, and then made a mockery of justice, but it was all 

just preppie wars really, the rich families feuding over territory and power.


The greatest result of the killing of Kennedy on TV was this: the crime

rate afterward doubled across the country in the following 2 decades, and

I am being conservative.  The people had lost confidence in their

government at a fundamental level, and all that was what brought about

this present day police state.  Plus there has been WW1, WW2 Korean War,

Vietnam, the Drug War, The War On Cancer, The War On Poverty and all the

other wars, where War Powers Acts were enacted, And NEVER Rescinded: our

written guidelines are wrecked beyond repair.  This was all DONE to us,

and a lot more.


A Long Term Well Financed Calculated Ongoing Attack.


Yes, it is ongoing, and the next step in policing has become almost

automatic, with vast visionary and auditory capabilities across an almost

unbelievable spectrum.  This is the aerosol technology and antenna

technology and satellite technology, large power broadcast energy which

was the real grail, electronic mind control of high proven power, but

hidden like a feint within a feint within a feint as communications,

entertainment, rainmaking, and other environmental remediation schemes.  


There are no oversight powers watching over these so-called secret

programs either.


The elite insinuate we will be healthier for their efforts, but deny deny

deny it is even happening, in spite of people being able to see many

aspects of the aerosol programs, and more, with their own eyes daily. 

Many believe this aerosol program is pacification, and thats how a

lot of it was publicly explained away and legalized: the drugging of

crowds, crowd control.  Jorge duhhhhhhhh-bya Bush did that, look into it.

 Now crime has dropped back to pre-kennedy era, which is to say the era where 

the rigid mind control of the industrialists was young and hearty.  The peoples minds 

are brought around to profit for the masters again, at all costs, and it is made to

look like a boon to society, or an answer to crime, or things even more

ludicrous and deceiving.  But it is just advancement of a long term agenda of slave making.


And the beasties here, like a bunch of devolved and broken mechanata, eat

it up.


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