Thursday, June 4, 2015




     America Has Been Killed By The Lord


     Q: Whats the difference between a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a Hoover vacuum cleaner?  A: The position of the dirt bag.

     Many people wonder why I write nasty things sometimes, and my answer is this: What other recourse do I have against the zionazi-youth corp. and all their parents NY money, along with the mormo-scanners darkly, and the vatican twits galore, who are everywhere, as well as all the retired lord lovers who stayed in the military all their lives like state-babies, PLUS the rest of the dumb dumb dumb homeland security drones too stupid to know what America really means?  The only recourse I have is to learn how they are comitting their aggressions, and then disrupt the activities, to lead them down trails of lies so maybe they will eventually get killed over it from their own stupidity and greed.  I have been under attack steadily since the year 2000, and not only am I really angry, I have learned how cruel these  pieces of shit really are, and I have learned how to get them somewhat.  You can too.

    The lord lovers here are not American; lords and kings are DEFINITELY un-American, the country was created to do away with lords and kings and now they have the intellectual lower class worshipping a lord and proud of it.  Jesus Christ.  Some people in Texas say he is KING.  There you go.  bushland.  I am sure Yeshva ben Miriam is pissed, wherever he is. If being worshipped by a bunch of mind controlled yo-yos is first place, I don't even want to know what second place is.   Cruci-fiction maybe.

      These low life enablers of israel are for the most part lying, thieving sax o' shite, and they must at least be identified and disrupted when they are up to nazi business for jorge and bam-bam the royal masonic twins, because a majority of illegal eavesdropping is plain old theft, and don't you forget it.  As stated above, these aggressive alpha spies and snitches are the enablers of israel, who they believe are Gods Chosen People (ONE BOOK IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM!), they are people trying to be jews, christianity is judaism for dummies, easy to see really.  Thankfully, at least there is SOME recourse against this cartel mob, and when practiced correctly, as reverse control, reverse dominance, it works very very well.  THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN MAKE IT STOP IS TO STOP THEIR SPYING AND THIEVING ACTIVITIES. Which would be nice.

     Now on with our story.

     The other day, I was at the library in Deming NM, though I could not get online with my  laptop for some strange reason, so I had to use their computer, even though before this instance I have always been able to get online with my laptop but not now....and no one could help me, OTL...So I used their computers and got it done.

     Then the next time I went to the same library, 2 days later, my library card was not in my wallet, this is the second time thats happened at this library, I went to the desk, it was there.  It never happened anywhere else, no other libraries, Well I guess I just left it by the computers last time, right.  I go back to their computer because this time I did not even bother bringing my laptop, and I do some work then log onto facebook, but in the meantime all the computer stations which were mostly empty filled up totally, and the connexion goes slooowwwww...denial of service the old fashioned way....until the police can get at facebook I make a real vile comment about the chemtrails over Deming that day, and then the woman next to me, who had just seated herself with the rest of the mob, looks from her monitor right over at me, gets up, and walks she was spying my facebook page and I offended her big fat ugly ass.  Other weird stuff started to happen like I was being monitored while I was using the computers that day.  I did sign the Mozilla petition while I was online against this kind of bullshit activity by the government and its lord loving minions, fwiw.

     When I got done at the library there were a lot of knowing smiles all about among the librarians and certain patrons, and I guess I was a show for them too....I did not actually get to this datum until later, sorting out the days events, because when this stuff happens its fast and all kinds of weird energies are flying about....any of these situations could be the cops and nasa creating another Jared Loughner scenario, so I am naturally wary, and in a hurry around people anymore.  The police here, especially the latins, are totally corrupt and they are all the drug cartel, in uniforms.

     BUT.  My process of poke and punch with words worked again; I had identified a lot of surreptitious activity and one rich perp, the hick bitch who had my work confused with one of her God damned soap operas or unamerican church meetings....what I accomplished was not as good as a real black eye, but almost, and its in her head now wreaking havoc.  It truly is my only recourse, because I am not violent except in self defense, so I must resort to steady identification and disruption of these types here and elsewhere.  The police can be manipulated like this too, and they do a LOT of dirty at the behest of politicians, especially the latin pigs.  Nazi Scum.  UnAmerican lord loving thieves for jorge.  I have elicited negative responses regularly online since 1999 by using racist and offensive passwords, which no one was supposed to see, but they were seeing oh yeahhhhhhhhhh.  I know how they are and have known for a long time.

     I have a lot of the scared lord lovers all freaked here, but I just go about my regular business as usual, with a smile and a nod.  Off the net I mean.  The problem really is this: they think everyone is as dumb as they are, they think I do not know about their predation and dominance problems, so the message is this: if you spy on me I am going to do my best to make you look even more petty and stupid than you are, quite a trick, that, and if I can I will lead you right out in front of a freight train going 100 mph.  Its war and I did not call it that, but starving and bowing to idiotic schmux in the masons and the lords world is a bunch of bullshit, being their guinea pig really sux too, they owe me a lot of money, but I will never see it, they are the cheapest pieces of shit alive, so I will exercise the only recourse I have which is volatile dis- and mis- information.  My.  Only. Recourse.  I have lots of back up information and evidence.  I will always try like to hell to disrupt anyone I catch spying on me, and hopefully they will accumulate enough cognitive dissonance from their activities to cause themselves some real harm.


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