Monday, November 16, 2015



The german contractors spraying chemicals over America on a daily basis have done so since 911, because it was the patriot act which made this kind of mind control  legal here.  Thanks Jorge!  NUKE PARAGUAY!!!

Control of an organisms environment, is control of the organism, and thats what this advanced chemical spraying is really all about.  One excuse given for this mind control operation of the Russian stasi police force here in America is RAINMAKING, and one facet of this tech certainly is rainmaking, but rainmaking also entails heavy manipulations of massive Electromagnetic energies and fields, which are the cause of many "New" mental disorders here.  Bipolar symptoms are nearly ientitcal to over expsure to EM btw.  Magneto-hydro-dynamics is the science, and the antennae are the tools.

The more mental disorder the world government can perp, the greater their leverage when it comes time to seize the guns.  Get it?  Its all about gun ownership, the nwo hates our guns, and will create any excuse they can to take them, whether it is a short term plan, or, more likely, a very long term plan, such as introduction of ENMOD through subterfuge and cunning.  The ENMOD convention of 1977 made most ENMOD activity illegal, so the patriot act was created to circumvent it legally, or legally enough for the bush crime family to act on information that was fed to them long ago, from nazi germany, and a few other places.

911 was demolition pure and simple, the scapegoating of Islam was just a way to pump a lot of cash into the middle east which is owned almost entirely by tel aviv and their minions like halliburton, and the bush crime family.

The truth of the whole matter is this: the russians had the tesla technology long before we did, evidenced by the fact that there was already a tesla museum in Belgrade in 1938!  Evidence also indicates the nazis were experimenting with some of the Tesla technology before we did, and deep research shows Tesla was a special student in the vatican archives as a young man, via his fathers pull .

THE RUSSIANS WON THE COLD WAR by using antennae technology from the other side of the world to dessicate Americas below-ground fresh water. This antenna technology was invented by and proven effective by Tesla in the early 1900s. Tunguska was a Tesla experiment to show Morgan the possibilities of the tech as weaponry.  

The churches who were harnessed as primary mind control in America were used to perp this chemical spraying.  The church leaders, internationalists ALL, (And Lord Lovers too!)  were told the drought was Gods punishment because America had departed from Christian control.  They idiotically swallowed the stories given them hook line and sinker.   America HAD to be hoodwinked, schnookered, into allowing this daily chemical spraying here, because Americans used to be too smart to allow stuff like this.

So.  The Tesla tech which Americans paid for through their taxes was given to the world government by traitors in our government, people fond of Lords and Kings, which this country was actually created to ABOLISH.  The world government then sold the technology back to Americas intellectual lower class as security and rainmaking, when in fact it was just remediation for their attack on us through russia.  There were definitely  overtones of the miraculous involved, and the dramatic nitwits ate it up. 

Control of food and water is one of monsantos/german nwo purposes, which will eventually make gun ownership forfeit here, the true goal.  Its why they have grown the police state so radically, in preparation for seizure of the guns.

The chemical contents of the daily sprayed lines is not forthcoming, and much is used as electronic mind control.  Active auroral energies are gargantuan.   Like ants under a magnifying glass, these are the days of your lives.

Not only did russia win the cold war, but they depleted our social security savings in the process, so that all social security now is debt to english and israeli banks via copyrighted "Code" which has changed our legal system into something unrecognizable from the original.

We as Americans MUST insist on FULL disclosure of these technologies which are rightly ours, which we paid for, and we must demand control of this technology for ourselves, with warnings to people in high risk areas, and a greater prosperity through American controlled currency so that americans can take better care of themselves. 

Audit the federal reserve if you want further answers about their ties to the world government, or better yet abolish it altogether so that congress runs our treasury again.

Article 5 of amendment 14 in our constitution states that we will not pay for our own overthrow and any debt incurred by some inside program with that in mind is null and void.  The proof is in the skies:  our national debt is thereby nullified.

We do not owe the world, we are the people who are owed, and owed big.  we created this world with our product and tax moneys.  Are there any countries that do not get mega-aid from us, even though some of our cities are going bankrupt and veterans and old people here are suffering because of lack of money?  The very same people who paid taxes all their lives to create this tyrannical overthrow.

We must demand control of our lives again, and of our collective product and currency, for the good of the people who have created it, the American people.  We must get the bloodsucking mind control demons OUT.  They are all pawns of world royalty who have one thing in mind: disarming the American populace.  Anyone loyal to royalty in the American government ought not to be there, and there are many here loyal to royalty, including most church and fraternal groups.  Those types are not Americans, they are servants of a foreign power on our soil.

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