Friday, December 11, 2015

Over The Horizon Attack Technology, Aerosol Chemical Spraying, and the American Stasi

Over The Horizon Attack Technology, Aerosol Chemical Spraying, and the American Stasi

As its name implies, Over The Horizon (OTH) technology is about defeating limits posed to sensing equipment like radar, and to energy weapons including (But not limited to)  laser and microwaves, by a planets curvature or mountanous horizons.  Most energy weapons and sensing technologies used to require a line-of-sight to operate against a target.  OTH radar was the first attempt to overcome the limitations of line-of-sight, and the early testing of various configurations was met with varying degrees of success, though none were 100% effective, and most were far from it.

OTH technologies of all types were not well developed until the advent of atmospheric plasma technology.  As stated, there was some OTH taking place before that, via satellite and antenna relay, but until aerosoled chemical plasmas came into being, disguised as ENMOD weather control, the successful use of Over The Horizon Technology was not realized.  OTH was the holy grail of Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) because it allows individuals, or even whole cities to be targeted with high deniability, because a lot of the directed energy weapons developed by Russia and America during the cold war are still secret as well as invisible except to measuring equipment like ultrasound detectors, uv meters, and spectrum analyzers.  These types of equipment are all very expensive and not widely advertised, even discouraged, because secrecy of this weapons system is of the utmost priority.  If people start measuring the electromagnetic smog they are living in, oh what a surprise they will get!  High amplitude energy spikes will be evident as well, and on a regular basis.  This deniable technology allows individuals to undergo massive abuse by invisible energies, and this type of attack is being used more and more by a new world order government which has become actually dependent on mind control of all types, especially electronic mind control, also known as Psychotronics.  Watch the skies, you will see.  Then count the antennae. Finally, consider all the unknowns, like satellites, and hand held or drive-by fly-by psychotronic weapons.  This a covert and very effective attack on gun ownership by world royalty, disguised as a benefit.

OTH employs ultrasonics, laser, microwaves, and more.  Some questions about this technology are answered with half truths concerning ENMOD, Environmental Modification.  Some of the Over-The-Horizon DEW certainly is ENMOD, even though that was illegal until 911 created the Patriot Act, because energies of these magnitudes definitely affect the life forms on the surface of the planet.  As well, the microwave platforms in orbit can leave their mark on crops, this is a widely known phenomena now.  Or they can do these deeds invisibly across cities and other areas people inhabit where pavement presides.    When you get hit with microwaves from the various sources it messes up your guts, causes hate-like angers for no apparent reasons, even violenc, because you are being cooked.  Microwaves cook meat.  There are handhelds being used by the Stasi here in America, and some drones are equipped with this DEW.  It should be pretty evident how this nurtures the police state, creating work for the military police who have taken over our cities.   Can you say political tools of control?

Have you ever seen ants under intense sunlight from a magnifying glass?  Active aurorae possess many of the same attributes as a magnifiying glass, and this can be seen easily if you know what you are looking at though most people educated by zionist indoctrination here in the USSA are incompetent.

A lot of present day OTH technology was developed secretly as the Strategic Deense Initiuative (SDI), with the patriot act just allowing some of it "Out of the closet", as it were.  The patriot act also legitimized a well entrenched secret police very much like the Stasi of East Germany under Vladimir Putin.

The end of the cold war was symbolized by the destruction of the wall between East and West Germany.  That wall had been erected at the end of World War Two to split the spoils of war between the two major victors, the USA and the USSR.  In east Germany Russia installed a secret police called the Stasi, which was headed by Vladimir Putin during the time the cold war supposedly ended.  The Stasi secret police who did not get out of east East Germany before the  wall fell were hunted down and killed by the victims of their covert predation. 

Much was learned concerning mind control and harassment tactics before the so-called end of the cold war, and coupled with the psychotronic directed energy weapons which had been studied in Russia on the populace there since the 1920s, the Stasi was then moved to America and was installed as a secret police via some churches with deep masonic ties. Also the discoveries in South America by Dr. Alvarez in the 1920s are part of this suite of control technology.  He discovered the link between electromagnetics and the gut.

The masons and some other religious groups have all banded together (shall we say fused?) to become Americas newest secret police.  Instruction and software to harass and surveill Americans has been distributed as a faith based program through the churches, the same churches worshipping a lord, or even a king. Christian Fusion Centers and Masonic organizations professing to be part of a police force over 3000 years old are using every tool at their disposal to illegqally wiretap and photograph anyone they deem unfit.  These rogue outfits need to be identified and eliminated.  Israel is behind a lot of this, and the ADL is a big organizer and financer of this activity.

 The mormons began as quasi masonic with a new NSA facility near Salt Lake City Utah (The western DC), the lock on American freedom is nearly closed.  This is the REAL reason behind chemtrails...the weather modification is just about creating deniable distraction and catastrophe, and taking contriol of food and water so that guns can be confiscated under the auspices of emergency.  This is covered in depth in the book by Tom Bearden called FER DE LANCE.


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