Saturday, August 8, 2015

NWO DEW and The Monsanto Cartel

NWO DEW and The Monsanto Cartel

     I have become even more able of late to perceive the deployment of high amplitude directed energy weapons via so-called ENMOD ops.  These are mostly active auroral plasmas or forms, augmented by, or augmenting satellites.  The reason I am seeing it better is because I have been watching the evolution of it in America since day 1, since the 70s, and also the new world order military here in NM is really laying it on me now, as I knew they would if I came back. 

     New World Order.

     Democrats and republicans all one big bunch of clowns together now.  One big party. One big Cartel.

     To begin -- during deployment of these active auroral weapons there is usually a build up of atmospheric energy locally, via magnetohydrodynamic action caused by chemical spraying in the sky or tectonic ultrasound (Antennae) or both.  Odd rains, high winds, anomalous canopies of clouds where there should be none, mammatus formations, undulating forms of strong type, and some other night there is a lot of weird wild lightening within total cloud canopies, charging the immediate environment.  Dirac domes.

     I think many attacks have to do with satellite alignment to a target too, if you notice on GPS units there are lots of satellites everywhere, but not always available because of orbit logistics.  There are time frames involved at any particular locale because of this, and these time frames vary from place to place.  Windows of possibility, of satellite availability.  Many satellite operations are classified, like the x-ray laser types pumped atomically, and the generations since them.

     A typical attack takes place with lines sprayed above a broadcast canopy to unzip a hole, a small area in a vast cloud cover with sprayed lines above it...I see these small holes in total cloud cover above Hachita at night a LOT.  During the day a short double bar duct is then sprayed across this hole in the clouds, acting as an aperture for satellite energies, and for aiming purposes.  Edge refraction causes some amplification of energies also.

     The subject will experience several symptoms, depending on type of hit, how hard, and what kind of energy.   A heavy metallic taste in the mouth is one strong indicator, if the hit is direct or energy high enough.  All that can be done is to get under as much mass/metal shielding as possible, though some force type fields are in development  now.  Strong magnets worn can alleviate some directness of hit, by creating weak deflecting fields around wearer, but the power of active auroral technology is massive.  More than most people can imagine.  Its allllll classified too. The insane clowns of the new world odor will gladly do a whole city to get a few people, its fun to watch the ants dance anyway.  They cannot resist playing God, that is truth.  That is a weakness they all possess, especially the little tin generals and their alter egos the political clowns.

     The slow bleeding off of these directed energy weapon hits takes place over some hours or even days, disrupting sleep and causing deterioration of muscles and skin at extremities, bleeding fingertips;  also causing severe gastric distress on occasion, and tooth pain. This is also why our diets/health have been so controlled with junk food, and why many are actively denied good denti$try, to make susceptible to this DEW, (directed energy weaponry).  The development of these slow-kill invisible types of weaponry is headquartered in Albuquerque NM.  See 

     The more sugar you eat, the worse your health is, the more susceptible you are to this energy weaponry which is being used as mind control by this administration, and which was put in place adjunct to the Patriot Act by the last administration, the super traitors.  The antennae started going up in earnest under Clinton, btw.  Heavy American spraying started under Clinton too, but did not become really noticeable until the NWO took down the world trade centers and the Patriot Act was thereby enacted.

     Once a subject is sensitized with a high power directed energy hit, it makes the local energy weapons able to perform a lot better.  Places like Hachita are little test areas where a few insane clowns retired from the military, Colonel Klink types, experiment on the rest of the people for DARPA, NSA and some other agencies: they call in other attacks as well up to and including germs.  This is actually the various drug cartels at war, attacking people who they deem not good for business.

     Drug cartels begins with AMA, and end in Paraguay.  Rome, London, Zurich, TelAviv, Moscow....The New World Order.  The military and the cops and all the rest of the American herd are all bought into it, part of it.  Anyone vested in keeping the price of drugs high is cartel.  Simple. 

     Guadalajara Mob, the CIA Zetas, and one or two others are always fighting in the background for monetary ascendency in outlawed drug dealing.  All of America are innocent bystanders in that struggle, guinea pigs too, but Americans have been miseducated by zionist information sources called universities and colleges and MEDIA so long they cannot even see the enemy.

     The drug cartels control the US government and the illegal police forces which are really just tax enforcement.  NASA and the American Military are now much more involved in mind control and surveillance of Americans than they are in any useful space program or Civil Engineering.  NASA is a show for fools, 5th reich stuff, and the military are agents of a foreign government on our soil.

     When they get this tech fully in place, next year maybe, year after for sure, after they eliminate the dissenters, they will just restrict any growing of food, and the idiotic sell out fools of America will be trading their guns for candy bars at Walmart.  Mark my words, its what the whole technology is about, disarmament. DUH.

     My garden has been under attack all summer, weird weird stuff going on there, radiation, because of what I did while I was here before, and because I made it known my whole experimentation this time was about trying to defeat the Monsanto control technology. Very difficult, if they want to mess you up they have total power.

   Water is food.  The Monsanto Cartel have almost total control of fresh water now.  A lot of this was financed with black market drug money, so there is no accountability, no records, whatever people see is classified because thenwo has spent great care building the secrecy state.
     I certainly hope someone with some unscrambled brains left is paying attention to this. 

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